eBook conversion

Gillard Editing offers a bulk eBook conversion service to archivists and publishers who realise the value of their collections or backlists but where physical printing may not be cost effective. Our ultra-accurate automated processes allow digital retrieval of material that defeats amateur approaches.

General conversion—books, magazines and newspapers

Output to ePub, Kindle, Mobi…

We work with input images of all formats and sizes, and output to all eReader formats. Original layout is retained or tweaked as appropriate; complex layouts such as newspaper-style columns are not a problem.

Specialist conversion

Symbolic mathematics

Conversion from hard-copy notation to searchable electronic format.

The scan below is from Pure Mathematics by G.H.Hardy, 1938.
The process begins with digital cleaning of the noisy input image in order to achieve optimal recognition of mathematics and text:
Hardy comparative

LaTeX code is then automatically derived from the document and edited to produce hyperlinked and typeset output:
Hardy output

Specialist conversion

Modernisation of chess books—descriptive notation

We are able to convert out-of-print “inert” titles to up-to-date and fully searchable eBooks. Our advanced pattern-recognition processes automatically convert the old-fashioned descriptive notation (“pawn to King four”) to modern algebraic notation (“e4”) and layout. Click on the comparative image to see the substantial difference between old and new:

Old on the left…
Chess Fundamentals comparative …and new on the right. The new version is text searchable.

The excerpt is from Chess Fundamentals by J.R.Capablanca, World Champion 1921–1927.

Specialist conversion

Modernisation of chess books—figurine notation

The holy grail of chess book conversion! We are able to input images scanned in figurine notation and output en masse as algebraic. All diagrams and styles are simultaneously updated.

Before… and after:
Figurine to algebraic notation
The new version is a fully editable document ready for eReader conversion. Similarly, we can create searchable figurine notation from unsearchable scans regardless of the original notation.

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