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Oneworld Publications

“Brilliant, Andrew. Thanks again for your sterling, eagle-eyed efforts!”
—David Darling, Co-author Weird Maths and Weirder Maths.

Optical character recognition: Centrica Energy

Centrica Energy

Mass conversion of scanned documents to searchable text via optical character recognition (OCR). Delivered on time and within budget.

World War One facsimile volume: Battle of Jutland 1916

Conversion of German gothic “Fraktur” script into text-searchable pdf format, enabling analysis of difficult documents.

The various centenaries associated with World War One have created a huge interest in such material, and Gillard Editing is the only UK-based provider able to automate the interpretation of Fraktur on such a scale.

Fraktur Output: Fraktur output

Optical character recognition: Modern novels

Text analysis of the works of Iris Murdoch and Margaret Drabble. Gillard Editing teamed up with Max to scan and extract the text using specialised OCR techniques.

Optical character recognition: Newspaper archive

High-volume OCR of difficult Russian-language material dating from the Second World War.

Image editing: Photo collection

Batch processing of a large online photo collection to add Copyright statement and perform colour correction.

Technical proofreading: Transition Metal Chemistry

Transition Metal Chemistry A Springer publication.

Semi-automated proofreading of papers containing complex chemical formulae. This is a weekly commitment with a tight turnaround.

General editing: Hillside Training

Hillside Training

A wide variety of editing services – Hillside Training is a top-level media and public speaking training agency with some of the world’s leading broadcast trainers on its books.

General editing: pod


A range of editing requirements – pod has a thriving store in Bristol together with a lively and much-visited website showcasing their collection of home and lifestyle gifts.

Technical proofreading: Law

Semi-automated proofreading of complex and voluminous legal case documents.

Substantive editing/ghostwriting: Historical biography

This is work in progress. The author has carried out thorough research over several years. Many names and quotes are in foreign languages. We created a number of customised macros to deal with any problems.

Technical editing: Mathematical papers

Semi-automated proofreading and copy-editing of several collaborative papers on the Riemann Zeta Function. This work involves the checking of numerous exotic symbols.

Commercial documentation: Multi-national company

The Dutch parent company had used Google Translate to prepare a draft English-language response to a tender. We subsequently “re-translated” into the Queen’s English.
Google Translate

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